Cape Tennis Courts




We have a dedicated team of professionals, all with considerable experience in the industry and our personal and professional services has enabled us to maintain an excellent reputation within the industry. We work with a variety of clients from public sectors, local authorities, town councils, schools, sports clubs, tennis clubs and private clients. Our established reputation as construction contractors means you can be assured of an excellent service.

  • We support the drive for excellence in the industry by maintaining the commitment to quality tennis courts and many other sports constructions.
  • We are a national organization and supply builders and designers with tennis court material and other sports surfaces.
  • We are recognized as a centralized source for technical information an construction guidance.
  • We own all the machinery and equipment required to perform our contracts.
  • We do not compromise on quality nor inferior designs and only use a SABS approved asphalt surface and not the chip and spay method.
  • We are one of few tennis court companies who use a SABS-approved asphalt surface when compared to the “chip & spray” method. The “chip & spray” method is an uncontrolled asphalt system and can result in uneven ball bounce and poor durability.
  • Our lighting system is the imported Elsco-type environmental Halide lighting systems, especially designed for tennis play.
  • Our extensive knowledge re the tender process and negotiation enables us to relate to professionals at all levels.
  • Our FibreFlex® resurfacing system is well-known and is recommended by Tennis SA, leading tennis clubs, schools, tennis coaches and professional tennis.


We are specialists in indoor and outdoor court construction. We offer a complete bespoke design and building service for new tennis courts. Following an initial enquiry, one of our experienced professionals will contact you to arrange an on-site survey to obtain all the information required to ensure the selected site is suitable for the required court construction. Following the completion of a site survey we will provide a comprehensive, competitive quote and will be happy to answer any questions that may arise. We use only the FibreFlex® approved sport surface products and we’ll recommend the most appropriate to achieve an exceptional standard and quality finish for ultimate playing performance.


Resurfacing is a natural part of owning a sports court. Even well-maintained hard-wearing court surfaces will have a natural lifespan, so if your court is beginning to deteriorate it could be time to think about having it resurfaced. We have years of experience in resurfacing worn courts as well as surface changes. A well-maintained court in good condition is a fantastic asset to your premises – not only in terms of training and social games, but in the added value to your property. But if your court is allowed to fall into disrepair it can be a liability to your home, lowering its overall value. If your court has become cracked, overgrown or simply unsuitable to play on, call in the experts to deal with your resurfacing work. We only use the FibreFlex® approved products to achieve an exceptional standard and quality finish for all our sport court resurfacing projects. An onsite survey is required to give you the best suitable solution.


The Following methods are recommended for tennis court maintenance

  • Debris on the surface can simply be blown or swept away and the dirt can effortlessly be removed with water.
  • A mild detergent can be used to remove most stains and algae.
  • Surface cracks can be filled with our flexible FibreFlex® crack filler.
  • Sweep the surface regularly with a soft bristle broom to remove debris.
  • Keep the perimeter clean.
  • Remove overhanging tree branches to avoid shade on the surface. Shade causes fungi growth.
  • Tree roots can damage the court surface. A perimeter root barrier on the outside of the fencing is recommended.
  • Apply an anti-fungi treatment once a year to kill embedded algae spores.
  • Treat ingress of grass, weeds, etc, with a suitable weed killer.
  • Repaint playing lines every 3 years.
  • Apply white grease to the tennis net winder and repair the tennis net when necessary.
  • Treat mushroom growth with an appropriate algae killer.
  • Secure the fencing mesh to the posts with straining wire on a regular basis.
  • Replace broken straining wires when necessary.
  • Give the Tennis net slack when not playing for extended periods to reduce the effects of high tension.