Using our expertise in consultancy, design and construction, we are able to provide a number of synthetic sport surfaces to meet your needs and expectations.  We use Cape Sports Turf Surfaces for the following applications:

Tennis Courts
Our tennis synthetic turf is a traditional medium to fast pace, sand-filled synthetic grass tennis court. The pace of the tennis court can be adjusted by varying the amount of sand and / or rubber applied as an infill, and the length of the tufts.
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5-a-side Football
Our football synthetic surfaces have been applied for both 5-a-side football pitches as well as full size football pitches. Our synthetic surfaces are sand and rubber filed. 5-a-side pitches use a shorter turf while full size pitches use a slightly longer turf.
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Our hockey surface is a medium to fast synthetic grass surface that is either rubber filed or sand filled. The pace of the hockey surface can be adjusted by varying the amount of sand and / or rubber applied as an infill, the length of the turf as well as the amount of water applied prior to play.
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There are a variety of applications for an artificial cricket surface, including practice nets offering a quality game surface. The benefits of an artificial cricket surface are the lower maintenance costs and the ability to regularly use the surface throughout the whole year and all season while still maintaining a high standard playing area. Most importantly you are guaranteed a smooth and fast surface.

10mm Multi Sport Technical
Data Sheet (Cape Sports Turf)

10mm PGA Technical
Data Sheet(Cape Sports Turf)

10mm Put-Put Technical
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